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All you need to know

Who takes care of the dry-cleaning?

When you book your gown you will pay for our dry-cleaning fee of $50 (flat rate).

No running around to have your gown cleaned we make it nice and easy. We only ask you return your gown on the hanger provided & on the day stated on your contract.


Gowns are returned to: Hire The Runway

How long do I have my gown for?

Depending on your event date we generally arrange for your gown to be collected on Thursday in trading hours 9:30-5:00. If your date is on a Thursday or Wednesday no problems we can always accommodate at no extra charge. We ask that your gown is returned on either Saturday or Monday before 2pm. This gives us time to send your gown for dry-cleaning and make sure its ready for its next hire.  

How does the hire process work?

When you meet with us at your appointment we will discuss date of event, theme, styles you are interested in, colours, sizing etc. You will have 1hr to work one on one with a consultant to find your perfect dress. When you have selected your gown, we will ensure it is reserved for you. You will then make a 50% deposit on your total gown hire and dry-cleaning price. We will provide all dates and conditions of hire on your contract. Unfortunately, we do not post gowns to you. After your event, returning your gown is simple. Bring it into our store or we can arrange a prepaid post-pack at pickup so you can post it to us from your nearest Australia post office.

We will track your gown from there. There is no need to clean the dress we have that sorted!

Why do we give you the option to Hire & Buy?

How much does it cost to hire?

The price of the gown to hire depends on the retail value of each gown.

The Hire White collection varies from $200-$450 to hire. 

Our evening hire starts at $80-$250.

What gowns do we hire?

Bridal gowns, Ball gowns, Engagement Party Dresses, Evening couture, cocktail dresses,  dresses for formal dinners & anything in between!

Sizes 2 to 20 (we are able to order larger sizes to buy also)

We stock to suit all ages, sizes, and budgets. 

A huge variety of gowns to choose from

Multiple cuts of gowns & different fabrics

Well known designers both local & international

How do you make an appointment?

That's simple! 

Click the button below to book your own personal appointment.

Payment Methods


Credit / Debit Cards

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